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Diesel Brake System Service

At Diesel Doctors we handle basic maintenance and repair of diesel brakes as well as replacement of parts in your diesel brake system. Every vehicle on the road has brake pads, drums, and rotors that suffer wear and tear. At some point, these components will need to be replaced.

In diesel vehicles, the brake system has two other critical components that need to be checked on a regular basis. Your diesel brake fluid and exhaust system are two components that benefit from routine inspection by a certified diesel mechanic.


Brake fluid is arguably the most important part of the brake system. Often time’s diesel mechanics overlook this important component of regular maintenance. Brake fluid in your vehicle is constantly subjected to extreme pressure and temperatures as an integral part of a diesel engine. Diesel brake fluid is also hydroscopic, which means it naturally attracts water. The combination of the heat, pressure, and moisture will degrade the fluid over time. This compromises its ability to prevent corrosion and properly condition your diesel engine’s braking system seals.

Not performing a complete brake system fluid exchange will lead to poor performance, brake system fluid leaks and potentially, a failure of diesel brake system components.


Diesel trucks and diesel-powered vehicles have the option of using an exhaust brake system. These diesel brakes can be very efficient in the long run and can efficiently slow down a diesel vehicle regardless of its size or weight.

Exhaust brakes for diesel trucks work by closing off the exhaust from the engine and essentially compressing that exhaust causing negative torque. This can cause most diesel vehicle to slow on a downgrade without ever having to apply your truck’s normal brakes.

Diesel Doctors specialize in servicing and repairing the braking system in your diesel truck or car. Our certified diesel mechanics are experts when it comes to your vehicle’s brakes!


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