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Diesel Engine Repair Service

As a diesel vehicle owner, you know that your diesel truck engine or diesel car engine operates much differently than a gas engine. Visiting a standard auto repair shop that doesn’t specialize in working with diesel vehicles is a bad idea. They simply do not understand the important nuances of your diesel truck or diesel-engine vehicle. You’ll need someone who knows how to diagnose what’s going wrong with your diesel engine and ultimately, perform the needed repairs. Our team of ASE certified mechanics at Diesel Doctors are trained to correctly diagnose diesel engines issues. We have decades of experience of with engine maintenance and major diesel engine repairs.



By owning a truck or vehicle with a diesel engine you expect outstanding performance and fuel efficiency. Our team will perform a diesel engine diagnostic check to see what’s causing problems with your engine so that we can provide you with solutions that will avoid costly repairs in the future.

A diesel engine diagnostics test can help troubleshoot common diesel engine problems, such as:

  • Your diesel engine won’t start
  • It’s hard to start your diesel engine
  • Your diesel engine is running rough at lower RPMs
  • The exhaust from your diesel engine is black, white, or blue
  • And much more!

Our diesel engine repair shop will perform diagnostic tests on not only your engine but also your transmission or transfer case. Once the issue has been identified, we’ll save you money and keep your diesel truck on the road longer by performing the necessary repairs on your engine. Our diesel mechanics will solve your engine’s mechanical and electrical issues by performing road checks before your vehicle is given back to you so that you can have the peace of mind that your vehicle is road tested and ready for anything!

Diesel Doctors works on all types of makes and models of vehicles with diesel engines. Call us today if you need help with your personal vehicle or your company’s fleet vehicles.





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