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Diesel Oil Changes in Scottsdale

If you drive a diesel vehicle or diesel truck as your personal vehicle or as part of your company’s fleet, you know the importance of regularly scheduled maintenance to keep your diesel engine performing its best.

 At Diesel Doctors, our ASE-certified diesel mechanics will replace your vehicle’s old oil and filter. You’ll never see us use cheap oil or filters just to beat our competition’s price. We use high-quality products that ensure the life and performance of your diesel vehicle. We also conduct a free 25-point comprehensive check of other critical fluids and components of your diesel truck or car. This helps to head off any significant major repairs that could occur if your diesel truck or car is not properly maintained.

Having your vehicle serviced with us will keep your diesel truck or car running well and help to prevent costly diesel engine repairs. Contact us today to see how much a diesel oil change will cost for your diesel truck or diesel engine car.


Common wisdom says that you should get an oil change every 3,000 miles. We know that diesel engines handle wear differently than gas-powered engines and are able to go longer between diesel oil changes. There are many other factors that can play into how often you should get a diesel oil change.

» How do you drive? (Do you drive your diesel truck hard and fast?)

» What’s the climate where you live? (We’re guessing hot.)

» What do you do with your vehicle? (How often are you hauling heavy loads or towing a trailer?)

Lower speeds from city driving cause the diesel oil to accumulate grime and contaminants faster than if you drive your vehicle at a higher rate of speed on an open highway.

For more information on how often you should get a diesel oil change, refer to the owner’s manual of your diesel vehicle or give us a call and we can give you a recommendation!


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