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Diesel Coolant System Maintentance

Often times the coolant system of a diesel truck is overlooked when conducting routine preventative maintenance. The truth is your diesel cooling system is just as important as the condition of your oil. Owners of vehicles with diesel engines sometimes don’t realize that regular engine coolant maintenance is an important step to maintaining the performance of your diesel engine, more so than that of a regular gas engine. The main culprit for neglect is that owners simply don’t understand how often they should be checking the diesel engine coolant’s condition. Diesel Doctors is here to help!

Don’t let putting off diesel engine coolant maintenance do any further damage to your vehicle.

Diesel Doctors has many years of experience making sure that engine cooling systems are properly maintained and functioning. Our team of ASE-certified mechanics will clean, flush, and refill your diesel coolant system to prevent any future costly repairs!

Why is diesel coolant maintenance so important?

Not only does your cooling system regulate your diesel engine’s temperature, but it also directly controls your oil’s temperature. It’s also important to note that some newer diesel engines use liquid cooled EGR systems. A proper chemical balance in your diesel cooling system will make sure that your engine and oil temperatures are correct. This will prevent cavitation erosion in your diesel vehicle engine.

Cavitation erosion is a common problem in diesel engines that takes place on the exterior surface of the cylinder bore. It’s caused by the vibrations from an engine constantly forming and imploding small bubbles on the wet surface of your cylinder. This process of imploding bubbles in your engine is common, but when your coolant isn’t properly maintained it can cause erosion. With enough cavitation erosion, your cylinder bore can allow engine coolant into your crankcase and lead to costly diesel engine repairs.

Ensuring that you keep your diesel engine coolant maintained is a vital step to keeping your diesel vehicle on the road. Stop by Diesel Doctors today so we can protect your engine and keep your vehicle ready for whatever it needs to take on next!


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