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Diesel Fuel Injection System Service

In modern diesel engines, the fuel injector is one of the most important components under your hood.

The fuel injector helps keep the engine performing at a high level. Where spark plugs control engine combustion in regular gas-powered cars, a diesel engine relies on fuel injectors to precisely control engine combustion. A fuel injector has a spray pattern that needs to land and be timed perfectly in the combustion chamber. If this is not the case, your diesel truck’s performance and fuel economy will suffer.

Proper care of diesel fuel injectors and other fuel system components will guarantee that your diesel engine is just as responsive and as powerful as the day you bought it. Diesel Doctors will diagnose, service, repair, and maintain all components of your fuel injection system so that your engine can continue to perform like new.

What causes issues with your diesel fuel injection system?

Over time, diesel fuel injectors can become worn down and get blocked with contaminants or residue and build-up from the fuel system. More specifically a build-up of carbon on the nozzles of fuel injectors causes a compromised spray pattern in the combustion chamber. This can result in reduced diesel engine power, additional smoke output in your exhaust, as well as a rough idle for the engine.

Parts of the fuel injection system have very small passages and components that will be affected by the build-up of residue. This will leave diesel drivers with a loss of power and responsiveness behind the wheel. It will also create a loss in their wallet in the form of costly repairs.

The ASE-certified mechanics at Diesel Doctors will utilize the proper equipment and chemicals to clean your system to maintain peak performance.


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